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Our new RAW product has the majority of its CBD in the raw form found in the plant, called CBDA. CBDA must be heated (decarboxylated) to form CBD. CBDA in this form is known to have different properties than CBD, particularly where immune response is concerned. This product is CERTIFED ORGANIC and grown from a single super strain of hemp from an organic farm in Oregon. Certified free of metals, mold, pesticides and solvents.


This product has an incredible true full spectrum profile with every type of cannabinoid that is tested for present! There are very few products where you will find such a complete profile.



Each bottle contains 2500mg of CBD (CBDA+CBD), and 2700 mg of total cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and 0.12% total THC in organic MCT oil.


Note: This is a powerful product with a strong taste. Spearmint has been added to improve flavor. It may be added to or taken with food as well for this purpose.


Serving size: 1 dropperful contains approximately 45mg of cannabinoids

RAW CBDA Oil (Full Spectrum)

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