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Full-spectrum and formulated with the highest concentration of whole plant CBD

Our Mission

MD Pure was created for medical grade use as a pure, high potency, exquisitely crafted source of CBD and related cannabinoids. Our products are full-spectrum and made from whole-plant hemp. Every product is lab tested for quality and we make these reports available so our patients can be confident in the product they are taking.


A physician had been hearing his patients espouse the benefits of CBD for many medical conditions over the years, but when he searched for a high quality medical grade product to recommend for his patients, he soon discovered all CBD were not created equal. In fact far from it.

After speaking to dozens of hemp growers across the country, the physician found what he was looking for: an organic farm in Oregon run by a couple who are fanatically organic and ethical. They have a relatively small farm, not a gigantic commercial operation. Their farm was KIND certified by Oregon and they grew several high CBD strains of hemp. It was the perfect “small batch” operation to create a high grade hemp extract.

Our hemp is 100% Certified-Kind™ Organic and grown right here in the U.S. Why is organically grown hemp important? The hemp plant is considered a bioaccumulator, meaning it takes up toxins from the soil. Hemp has been used for “phytoremediation” to extract toxins at Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster, and to remove toxic metals from soil in Europe. Do you want your hemp grown on soil that has been previously contaminated with pesticides and herbicides? The vast majority of CBD products currently available were not from organically grown hemp.

MD Pure True full spectrum hemp oil is the least processed type and preserves all of the natural components found in hemp when extracted properly. The words “Full Spectrum” are often misused with many CBD products currently on the market. Any product that is THC free cannot claim to be full spectrum for instance. True full spectrum oil contains trace amounts of THC and must be 0.3% THC by weight.

The current gold standard extraction method of cannabis is supercritical CO2, which is what we use here at MD Pure. Many of the mass-produced CBD oils on market utilize a cheaper method of extraction using alcohol (think herbal tinctures), but also chemicals like toxic hydrocarbons where residual solvent testing must be done to make sure there is no leftover contamination. In addition to being a cleaner process, our CO2 extraction method maintains the integrity and amount of terpenes and protects the cannabinoids in the plant material.


There are many considerations when choosing a CBD product including the sourcing of the hemp, growing conditions, and extraction methods.

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